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Risk Assessments

As a tour operator and, soon to be, Duke of Edinburgh Award Approved Activity Provider (AAP), our risk assessment process conforms to BS8848 and or in excess of the regulations of the Duke of Edinburgh Award & the Health and Safety Executive. Each activity is assessed on a generic basis, however, prior to proceeding on expeditions or activities, the company reassesses the risks involved in order to mitigate against potential breaches in safety. Once in situ in a particular country where the expedition is based, another risk assessment is carried out by each instructor or leader. This is to ensure that any further risks are taken into consideration should environmental conditions change. Prior to the activity taking place each day, a daily risk assessment is carried out in order to ensure that all safety measures have been taken in order to safeguard all participants where practicable. Considerations such as the environment, instructor qualifications & experience, student capabilities and weather conditions are fundamental to our safety regime and are not compromised in any way. However, due to the nature of adventurous pursuits, not all events can be mitigated against but we will do what we can in order to reduce risk as much as possible.
If you would like to discuss or see our risk assessments for each activity, please contact us
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